BIKE & HIKE for ALSThe Bike & Hike for ALS is a great example of a cross training sports event. Consider cross training, because doing so can give the muscles you use on a regular basis a little rest, while strengthening other muscle groups.  In addition, cross training can help prevent injury, and is always a good idea to be part of your training regimen.

You’ll need some cross training skills for the BIKE & HIKE event.  The course not only gives participants a lower body workout while in the saddle, but provides an upper body challenge – in addition to the lower body – via the East Summit Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.  In this part of the country, quite a few days can be warm enough in late winter and early spring to go ahead and start climbing and hiking.

BIKE & HIKE staff completing the hike routeIf you are primarily a cyclist, hiking and climbing is great because it works a lot of the same muscles as cycling, giving you leg strength.  It can also help give upper body strength, working some of those muscle groups that don’t get a workout on a long ride.   Climbing is also good for cardio strength as well, which will help you out on the bike.

Cross training to improve your cycling can get you set for the BIKE & HIKE event, or to cross train for another big cycling tour or race in the area, or spend your spring and summer biking and hiking so you are set to do the almost 40 mile bike trip, with a 3.6 mile climbing hike in the middle.

Questions about the BIKE & HIKE route? click here.
The 2014 Bike & Hike is Sunday, August 17th, in North Little Rock, AR.  Registration is open now.